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Welcome to the Emninia Linux wiki.

What is Emninia Linux?

How to install

1. Download the the .iso or USB compatible Emninia

2. Burn the .iso to a DVD, you can also use BurnAware (Windows) [WWW] or a Image Burning program.

3. Insert the DVD in to the computer, then restart it. A screen should appear with the option to run Emninia live from the disk, press enter.

If your windows, etc. loads instead of the Emninia linux installation you will need to open your BIOS and configure it to load the Disk Drive first.

4. after everything loads you should be on your desktop, then click the Desktop icon called Install Emninia 6.10 to install Emninia Linux to your HDD

And your done!

You have now successfully installed Emninia Linux, if you had problems installing please go to our forum for help


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